Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sooo Big!

I'm sure you know the game - you ask your baby how big they are, and they raise their arms and everyone says "sooo big!" 

Well - my oldest really DOES seem "sooo big" today, and I'm sure I'll say that every year on this special day from here on out. :)

Today commemorates the day my sweet boy, Caleb, was born.  He is the one who made me a mom for the first time...the one who cried for four months straight...the one who now has a negotiation for every direction given....and the one who tries to be sooo big, but really just loves to cuddle with his mom and dad.

To my big boy Caleb,

You are four years old today!  Oh how those years have flown by.  I love you so very much - let me count some of the ways...

1 - I love your curiosity, your love of books, and how you are fascinated by ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
(currently anything related to fires/flames/burning, pipes, steam, clouds, storms, bugs, highways - and the list goes on and on...)

2 -  I love it when you sing. 
(you were humming in tune by 12 months.  Today we realized you picked up a new praise song in church as you sang it on our way home.  You know many, many songs - but I love it most when you sing hymns...Holy, Holy, Holy, Great is Thy Faithfulness, and To God Be the Glory are some of my favorites - sung so beautifully in your sweet voice)

3 - I love it when we snuggle.
(and how you love Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, and nuzzles - and love to be tucked in as "snug as a bug in a rug")

4 - I love it when you pray.
(how you thank God for everything, how you are so sensitive to the need to know Jesus, how you recite the Lord's prayer, how you even thank God that Isaiah is in heaven...)

Thank you, Lord - for the wonderful miracle of our son, Caleb.  Draw him close to you, and help him to come to know you in your perfect timing.  Give us wisdom in nurturing, disciplining, guiding, teaching, and protecting this gift you've given us for this time.  Help him to know how much you love him and how much we love him...for he has been entrusted to us, but created by you...he is yours.  Please prepare Caleb for the plans you have for his life and protect and guide him to wholeheartedly follow you all of the days of his life.   Thank you, Lord, for this precious blessing.  And God --- please give us an extra measure of patience for dealing with the thousand "why" questions per day that we have already started encountering...thanks, Lord.  In Jesus name - AMEN!


Here is are some snapshots of our boy...

 one day
 five months

eight months


almost two



Happy Birthday, sweet boy ~ we love you!


  1. Awesome pictures of such a smiley boy :)

  2. Oh my he is so cute! I am so glad you shared these pictures. I love that newborn shot :)

  3. I know 4 seem soooo BIG! When Ky turned 4 I realized he was not a baby anymore! Happy Birthday Caleb!!

  4. Caleb is such a great kid. I really really like chatting with him and watching him as he interacts with his friends. You are a wonderful mama and you are instilling great character traits in Caleb!!