Friday, May 11, 2012

In the Sand

A new blogging friend, Tesha, who has also recently lost her sweet boy, Jonathan, has turned her misery into a ministry.  She faithfully reads blog posts of fellow mothers who have lost their babies and consistently comments in love - identifying with them and encouraging them.  How is it that someone I don't even know can give of her time to care for me?  Thank you, Tesha.

Tesha also lives near an ocean, and in honor of International Bereaved Mother's Day on May 6th, she gave each of us a beautiful gift.  She wished each of the grieving mommies a Happy Mother's Day - and then posted a picture of each of our children's names - written with shells in the sand.

When I saw her post and read the words, "Happy Mother's Day, Becky" and saw a beautiful picture of Isaiah's name scripted in shells on the sand, I drew my breath sharply and all I had were tears.  Thank you so much, Tesha.  Thank you for extending the love of God through this beautiful act of kindness.


  1. Your welcome my friend, I am happy it blessed you :)

  2. Isn't she sweet!? Tesha is such a inspiration and encouragment!

  3. What an amazing idea. I'm so glad you were blessed by this, Becky.