Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Month

Today marks one month since our little Isaiah came and left in an instant.  We miss everything about him right now - especially knowing his personality and enjoying his developments - and seeing his big brother and sister love on him.

Some that weren't able to attend his service have asked about the slideshow that was shown - so I thought I would share it today.

You'll just have heaven before we do, little man.  We love you - and we miss you.

Isaiah's Slideshow


  1. So precious! We used the same song for Hannah's video. (Also, fairly certain we had Hannah in the same room at North).

  2. Becky, I read your reply below :) to put a pic in the side bar go to layout click on add a gadget then you can add pics and other stuff and drag them around where you want them. I am pretty good at blogger if you need help email me :) I LOVE the slide show it is so sweet :) Saying a prayer for you now my friend!

  3. Beautiful little boy. Thank you for sharing your precious pictures. I know how much they do and will mean to you. May the LORD continue to grant you peace and comfort!

  4. This slide show was the most sad and beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life. It is so special that you had all these wonderful pictures taken.

    1. thank you, Fawnda...we are so thankful for the pictures, too. we look at them often.