Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Time

Through the encouragement of friends and the inspiration of one who is going through a journey of loss much like ours, I've decided to finally use this blog I created a few years ago. Hopefully this will allow us to share more of our story that many are asking about...and also keep family and friends updated on our lives.

Hoping to start with Isaiah's story soon. Thanks for reading.


  1. Beautiful flowers! I was thinking the other day about Isaiah's life - his short months inside of you - and springtime perennials. Many of my tulips are already done blooming for the year. What a blessing to know they are not gone forever but will delight me with their presence next spring. It's a promise of life in the future. Just as Isaiah's life goes on even though here on earth we cannot visibly see him, you have that promise of seeing that beautiful life one day - and knowing him - because his spirit, as well as his body - dwelt within you as our Saviour gave you just a tiny glimpse of one He'd knit together. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and grace, even when we can't comprehend it. We continue to lift you guys up before the Father and are also awaiting the day with anticipation when you will be able to introduce us to Isaiah face to face.